ARCON-EXPERTS – a network of permanent employees and specialist partners.

These employees and partners are familiar with ARCON’s organisation and the methods and have access to ARCON’s reporting procedures. A structured way of working and communicating, together with consultation with colleagues ensures seamless work methods and guaranteed quality. The result? Reliable advice for effective solutions!



Antwerp       Jeroen VERSCUREN, Civil Engineer - Architect K.U.Leuven 1998
Turnhout      Luc SYMUS, Industrial Architectural Engineer Antwerp 1991
Brussels       Steven VAN HOORDE, Civil Engineer - Architect K.U.Leuven 2005
Brussels       Martine LAUWERS, Architect Sint-Lucas Brussels 1988
Wemmel       Kim VYVERMAN, Architect Sint Lucas Brussels 1994
Hasselt         Ben Van Holm, Architect Sint-Lucas Gent 1997


Dilbeek     Anne DIERICKX, Civil Engineer – Architect KULeuven 1986

Managing Director

Dilbeek     Luc HENS, Civil Engineer – Architect KULeuven 1979