ARCON places a great deal of importance on

transparency and open communications


A lack of good communications often lies at the heart of a lot of misunderstandings and (building) problems:


* Defining the budget, with or without fees, with or without VAT, with or without …
* Defining the programme, for now, for the near future, for the distant future ...
* Defining preferences in terms of style and personality of the assignment ...


ARCON employees have acquired extensive experience as court experts (since 1993) in successful mediations. This experience has shown them how to solve misunderstandings of the past by re-establishing transparent communications.


Carrying out thorough research in the role of court expert does not just involve looking closely at technical aspects, but combining this with effective communications about findings and conclusions of the research which then leads to solutions.






Building works cost all the different parties involved a lot of money, time and energy. Any good and effective partnership is based on clear and transparent agreements. Clarity and professionalism. Optimal joint ventures are also based on good communications and trust. Total openness in the affair in hand is your guarantee of integrity. Truly independent and professional advice means that we focus exclusively on your interests and we base our advice on YOUR VALUES and EXPECATIONS.




Our communications are based on the convictions of each and every party involved.  We take YOUR INSIGHTS and WISHES seriously. We make your preferences and limits our own. Acting and communicating with respect is translated into courteous and friendly contacts and business transactions and this also applies to parties that may have a different or even opposing opinions. Your interests will be best served by ARCON if  we can guarantee optimal relationships that encourage effective communications. 


An objective and rigorous approach


This is the approach we take to all the aspects of your project. We provide you with totally transparent information about our findings and conclusions.