MEASURING IS KNOWING. This is what lies at the heart of all scientific research.

* The quality of any survey starts with the quality of the analysis of the problem.
-This analysis is based on accurate observations.
ARCON-EXPERTS has the equipment needed in order to gather accurate and precise information

* Digital equipment gives accurate measurements,
-Appliances with a Vernier scale are able to indicate movements from 1/10th of a millimetre with total accuracy.

* Humidity in materials, distances, general humidity, temperature, differential subsidence, slopes, surface humidity, etc. 

Offices in Dilbeek:

easily accessible within 5 minutes from junction E40/ring v Brussels Grand-Bigard

office space with all facilities:

- Large meeting room with projection for max 16 people

- meeting room with videoconferencing space for up to 6 persons


ARCON-EXPERTS owns all the resources needed according to the profile of the mission.

ARCON-EXPERTS does have all the equipment and apparatus in house needed to carry out the full range of the very latest inspections such as;

- humidity measurements
- levels
- distances
- temperature, air humidity and dew point
- infra-red temperature measurements
- measuring and monitoring movements of cracks
- taking digital films and photos
- measuring surface hardness and indicating strength of materials
- etc. ...  

When it comes to special surveys therefore including 3-D measurements, infra-red camera work, endoscopic surveys, ultra-sound surveys, etc. we work with dedicated partners who have the appropriate equipment.