What does ARCON stand for?

ARCON is an abbreviation of ARCHITECTURE & CONSULTING and refers to the different disciplines that ARCON-EXPERTS specialises in, offering advice in all fields relating to architecture and building work. BUILDING ADVICE for EXPERT ADVISERS IN THE FIELD OF BUILDING.


ARCON-EXPERTS’s mission is to provide clients with the most effective solutions for building problems within the shortest possible time and at economically viable prices.
ARCON-EXPERTS offers its clients a reliable source of information, advice and consultation about building issues.


ARCON-EXPERTS has access to a network of building professionals who act as a collective of experts offering professional and independent advice to private individuals and companies who are involved in building projects or who have intentions to start up a building project or who are encountering building problems.

Strategy and organisation

ARCON-EXPERTS is proud of its team of employees who have extensive experience in the issues at hand. The assignments are organised extremely effectively and efficiently in close consultation with clients. ARCON-EXPERTS is more than just a group of experts who assess damages and prepare estimates for carrying out repairs. The advice provided by ARCON-EXPERTS s experts protects your long-term interests and ensures that your building problems are solved effectively and durably. 

Philosophy and values

ARCON-EXPERTS places a great deal of importance on transparency and open communications. And these are your guarantee of integrity of course. All our communications are based on a respect for the convictions of each and every person involved. The mainstays of our philosophy are scientific objectivity and precision.